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A Town for All Seasons
Stellenbosch is one of the most beautiful towns in South Africa. Majestic mountains and bountiful vineyards surround the town with views guaranteed to inspire awe.

Stellenbosch is also known for its prestigious University, adding to the vibrant atmosphere in town. The town is full of history, heritage, music, art, fine cuisine and students, with an ambience of warmth and excitement that is almost tangible.

Stellenbosch’s pioneering forefathers were encouraged to plant many oak trees, leading to it also being known as “Eikestad” or the town of oaks, with beautiful oak lined streets to do its name proud. The mix of modern and historical architecture is evident all around you, with the legendary Dorp Street boasting some of the oldest and best preserved buildings in South Africa.

The sidewalk cafes gives this town a distinctly European feel with restaurants ranging from culinary emporiums to entice the most discerning palate, to student pubs and everything in between.

Wine is the lifeblood of Stellenbosch and the choices of wine experiences far exceed any other region in the country. The Stellenbosch Wine Route  is the best known and most visited in the country. Wine farms range from traditional estates to glamorous boutique wine estates.

Many of these estates boast state of the art wine cellars, wine tasting facilities and some of the region’s top restaurants. Stellenbosch was awarded the prestigious   “Wine Town of the Year” in 2011 by the influential Swedish wine club Munskänkarna – the first time this award has gone to a wine region outside the European borders.

Stellenbosch and surrounds are hosts to a variety of year round festivals of  food and wine, arts and culture and horticulture.

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